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Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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Allotments In Sunderland

 Here is a complete list of all the allotments in Sunderland area it makes interesting reading as most people dont realise how many allotments there are in the Sunderland area

Sunderland North Area 1

Cornhill Dock, Southwick (pigeons allowed)
Riverside, Southwick
Roker Sidings, Fulwell
Summerbell, Marley Pots
Thompson Road, Southwick
Featherstone Street, Roker
Sites administered by an allotment association

Primrose, Thompson Road
Shields Road
High Southwick, Fulwell
Waterworks Field, Shields Road
Sunderland East Area 2

Corporation Road, Hendon
Featherbed Lane, Ryhope
Mariville, Ryhope
Ridley Avenue, Ryhope
Simpson Street, Deptford
Wellington Lane, Deptford
Sites administered by an allotment association

Dinsdale Cottages, Ryhope
Silksworth, Churchside
Silksworth, Tunstallside
Sunderland West Area 3

Canal Farm, Ettrick Grove
Ford Quarry, European Way
Midmoor Road, Pallion
Mortimer Street, Pallion
Pottery Lane, South Hylton
Tunstall Hill North, Tunstall
Tunstall Hill Extension, Tunstall
Sites administered by an allotment association

Red Machine, Humbledon
High Newport, Silksworth
Plains Farm, Premier Road
Washington Area 5

Albert Place, Columbia
Ayton Gardens, Emerson Road
Biddick Lane, Columbia
Chartershaugh, Harraton
Derwent Terrace, Columbia
Don Gardens, Concord
Heworth Road, Concord
Hollinhill Road, Concord (pigeons allowed)
Manor View East, Concord
Nelson Street, Columbia
The Parade, Biddick
The Poplars, Biddick
Raeburn Avenue, Columbia
Spout Lane, Concord
Urban Gardens, Concord
Woodland Terrace, Concord
Wormhill Terrace, Fatfield
Harraton Primary School, Washington
Sites administered by an allotment association

Barmston, Washington
Shepherd Way, Fatfield
Coalfield Area 6

Houghton, Hetton and Easington Lane
Britannia Terrace, Fence Houses
Burnside, Houghton
Durham Street, Fence Houses
Elemore Lane, Easington Lane
Girven Terrace, Easington Lane
Grasswell, Houghton
Gravel Walks, Houghton
Hutton Street, Hetton
James Terrace, Easington Lane
John Street, Fence Houses
Lyons Lane, Easington Lane
Morley Terrace, Fence Houses
Railway Street, Grasswell
Ritchies Garage, Hetton
School Road, East Rainton
Seaham Road, Houghton
South Market Street, Hetton
South Street, Fence Houses
Low Downs, Hetton
New Store Terrace, Easington Lane
Old Store Terrace, Easington Lane
Urwin Street, Hetton
Victory Street East, Hetton
Walter Terrace, Easington Lane
Sites administered by an allotment association

Low Moorsley
Penshaw, Shiney Row and Herrington

Allendale Crescent, Penshaw
Best View, Shiney Row
Coxgreen Road, Penshaw
Fletcher Crescent, New Herrington
Gladstone Terrace, Penshaw
Henry Street, Shiney Row
Herrington Miners Welfare, Herrington (pigeons allowed)
Hunter Street, Shiney Row
Kitchener Terrace, New Herrington
Lambton Terrace, Penshaw
Percy Terrace, Penshaw (pigeons allowed)
South View, Shiney Row
St. Matthews Terrace, Newbottle
Surrey Street, New Herrington
Whitefield Cottages, Penshaw
Sites administered by an allotment association

Penshaw, Chester Road

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