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Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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Planting Out Potatoes

  • I have been planting out potatoes in the last few weeks and the varieties were Salad Blue, Highland Burgundy Red and the family favourite Sarpo Mira which is blight resistant and great for chip, mashing and boiling  

    Salad Blue potatoes are believed to have come from amateur breeding in the Victorian period. With a deep blue skin and flesh to match this variety has a high percentage of dry matter meaning it has a fluffy texture perfect for baking, roasting, mashing and wedging. It will retain its colour when cooked but steaming over boiling will preserve this best as boiling can leach some of the colours.

    Being one of the coloured varieties they are rich in antioxidants, particularly anthocyanin which lays claim to a variety of health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, dementia prevention and increased longevity. As well as the fact that potatoes are very low in sugar and salt and are gluten- and fat-free this variety is definitely one to try if you are looking for a healthy meal option.

  • Images of Salad Blue potatoes purchased from  a company called Morghew which I have never used before but was very impressed with the quality of their seed potatoes 
    20210408 104242 20210408 104219  20210408 104430 
    20210408 104713  20210408 111255  20210408 103231 
    20210408 111252  20210408 112516  20210408 111300 
    20210408 103233  20210408 104704  20210408 112516 
    The next variety of potato I planted out was Highland Burgundy Red
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