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Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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The Foundations

  • The new cabin is going to replace the original cabin built many years ago and is now to be quite honest is dropping to bits and is going to be pulled down, after the old cabin was pulled down we cleared the site, took the rubbish to the local council waste center, it took about six trips to remove the rubbish from the site when the site had been cleaned up the foundations were going to be laid, we used new breeze blocks for the foundations supplied by the local DIY shop 
  •  Images of the breeze blocks after they had been laid, we used a mixture of new breeze blocks and some of the breeze blocks from the original foundations which were heavy and quite old 
    20210906 105630  20210906 105631  20210906 105632 
    20210906 105633  20210906 105634  20210906 105635 
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